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About Pulses

What is a pulse?


According to Pulse Canada, pulses are part of the legume family, but the term "pulse" refers only to the edible, dried, plant seeds. J.K. Milling specializes in processing and exporting lentils, peas, and chickpeas.

Pulses are naturally gluten free, low in both fat and calories, and are an excellent source of fibre and protein!

Canada is one of the main growing and exporting regions of pulses worldwide. According to Stat Publishing, there was just over 8 million acres of land dedicated to growing pulses in 2015, and Canada exported an aggregate 6 million tonnes of pulses that same year.

Pulses are a quick and easy incorporation into any diet. For some easy and delicious receipes, check out Lentils, featuring receipes from Canadian Chef Michael Smith, or take the Pulse Pledge and commit to eating pulses weekly while participating in a global food movement!

The UN has declared 2016 the "Year of the Pulse" to promote pulses as a primary source of protein and other essential nutrients. For more information, check out the Global Pulse Confederation's site:

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