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We source product from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan. We mainly purchase yellow peas, green peas, chickpeas, red lentils, and green lentils to export worldwide. If you have an offer, or would like to inquire as to our daily bid sheet, give us a call.

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We can clean and load a variety of products, including lentils, peas, oats, flax, wheat, and barley. We have a 25 car spot on CN track and we can load into either bulk hopper cars or trucks. With competitive loading rates and exceptional service J.K. Milling stands above the rest.



With a rich history of exporting Canadian goods, we have access to a network of reliable buyers across the globe, and have become known as an established and respected supplier in our destination markets. If you wish to discuss our export business, or for any quotes, please contact our global trading centre:

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We are a fully certified facility registered with the USFDA for any shipments billed to the U.S.A. We hold two licenses with the Canadian Grain Commission: as a grain dealer and a primary elevator. We are also certified with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency; able to take and send samples for phytosanitary testing should that be required.